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PLEASE NOTE: if you have ever held a membership in the SCAA, please return to this page and use the other options there - contacting the Registrar if you cannot remember your previous membership number.

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Pegasus is the Kingdom newsletter. It will be emailed to you via a downloadable PDF. Downloading e-Pegasus will require you to visit this website when each issue is published. Login information will be provided when your membership has been confirmed.
Indemnity and Submit I, , for myself, my heirs and executors ACKNOWLEDGE and AGREE:-
  1. That I am fully aware of the nature and purposes of the activities of the Society for Creative Anachronism Australia Ltd ("The Society") and that the same are potentially dangerous.
  2. That I understand that some activities in the SCA may be constrained by local laws and I shall take personal responsibility for learning and following those laws.
  3. That by becoming a member of the Society, and participating in its activities, I voluntarily accept the risks.
  4. That I shall be bound by the rules of the Society, obey the proper directions of all authorised officials and accept the decisions of the Society in respect thereof.
  5. That I acknowledge that the consumption of alcohol or any mind altering drugs increase the risks, and I take full responsibility for any injury, loss or damage associated with their consumption.
  6. That equestrian and combat related activities are dangerous.
  7. That I will not participate in any combat related or equestrian activities that I am not appropriately authorised to participate in.
  8. That being given permission by an authorised official of the Society to participate in equestrian activities, armoured combat, rapier combat or as a trainee combatant or Marshall, alone does not authorise me to participate in combat related activities and I must complete, to the satisfaction of the Society or its officials, any other authorisation procedure required by the Society.
  9. That I shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Society and all members thereof, whether officials or not, from and against all claims, actions, proceedings and demands of whatever kind relating to any injury, loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever caused to my person or property arising out of or in connection with my membership or my attendance at or my participation in any activity of the Society.
  10. That I understand the purport and the effect of this document.
  11. That I am over 18 years of age (NB: a separate indemnity is required for minors).
  12. That I accept membership may be revoked for reasons listed in Section IV.A of the SCA Inc. Sanctions Guide
By submitting this form I agree to the above indemnity and to the SCA Ltd Code of Conduct (click to view in a separate window) and declare that the information given above is true and correct
   You must accept the terms of the indemnity and Code of Conduct to submit this form

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  • Fill in one form per person. If you want to submit multiple membership applications or renewals, you will be able to come back to this page for and fill out further applications as part of the same transaction.
  • You will be given a Transaction Number when you finish all the memberships or renewals that you complete in this session.
  • You will have the option to pay by cheque, internet transfer or PayPal.

If you have queries about this form or your membership, please feel free to contact the Registrar, Robyn Boyer, at The information you give on this form will be kept on file by the SCA Australia Registry according to the Privacy Act 1988 and may be shared with Kingdom officers and affiliated SCA corporations as needed. If you believe we hold incorrect information, contact the Registrar directly or use the Change Information option after logging in to this website.

Newsletter and magazine subscriptions other than Pegasus (the Kingdom newsletter) are NOT available through SCA Australia.Contact the US registry directly to subscribe to Compleat Anachronist, Tournaments Illuminated or the newsletters of other kingdoms.